Planning Your Facilities with Future Flexibility

Inc. Magazine, “Expert Insights,” April 2001

ATLANTA, February 05, 2001 -- Planning for the future of your office or industrial space is crucial support to the company’s strategic plan. Efficiency and adequacy of the workplace makes a lasting affect on the bottom line. Therefore, the process should be addressed thoughtfully. Experienced and qualified architects can assist the corporate real estate function to effectively plan for these needs.

The first step is development of a Facilities Space Analysis. Data related to the project scope is organized to clearly state the essence and unique features of the company’s facilities needs. This framework provides an opportunity for review and agreement by corporate management, and may then be easily interpreted and translated into concrete design solutions.

During the design phase, several issues are confronted. First, the facility design should reflect the corporate image and distinctiveness, yet should always allow for a second life. Due to the rate of growth, change, corporate mergers and acquisitions, virtually every facility is subject to changing hands during its life cycle. Therefore, the distinctive elements of a facility design should not hinder its ability to ‘work’ for another company or another business unit of the same company in the future.

Second, the floor plan shape and dimensions must accommodate potential changes that the corporation may make over time. Unique shapes in the building plan add interest, and often reflect a current philosophy, function, or image of the company, but may make it difficult to reconfigure. Even simple open space, if not designed well, can limit flexibility in workstation or other functional layouts.

Third, even the quality of the building construction affects its flexibility as its use changes over the years. Building systems, building core elements, fire ratings, and building materials selections can affect the value of a building when you are ready to sell or lease the space to another user or investor.

True Flexibility in facilities design expresses the image of the corporation, enables change and growth, and enhances the long-term value of your corporate real estate investment.

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